Move the refresh button in Firefox and IE9

Here’s my first short post which is about fixing an annoying change that Mozilla revealed in the beta version of Firefox 4.  When I downloaded Beta 9 last week I was horrified to see they’d copied Internet Explorer and moved the refresh button from the top left to the top right…

It’s bad enough in IE, but I only ever use IE for testing so the mouse-up-to-top-left-then-realise-it’s-IE-and-move-across-to-the-right issue is annoying but I don’t lose sleep over it (and F5 is everyone’s friend anyway).

But top-right in Firefox – now that is annoying.

Fortunately the fix is simple – and has been available since at least Firefox 2!

Right click anywhere on the toolbars and you’ve get a menu, from which you should select ‘customise’. When this menu appears all the navigation elements in the toolbar become draggable;  I always drag the refresh, stop and home buttons across to the left of the address bar, where they should be!

So that’s all there is to it. Now if anyone knows how to do the same in IE please drop me a line!

Update,  11th February 2011. I’ve just discovered that the refresh button can be moved in IE9, both in the Beta version and Release Candidate. Simply right-click on the refresh button and select the option “Show Stop and Refresh before Address bar”. Thank you Microsoft.




2 thoughts on “Move the refresh button in Firefox and IE9

  1. No you can’t. In my version of IE9, the latest, the Refresh button has no such option.
    Incidentally, it is now labelled “refress button” and it is there sometimes. Other times it is not there when I first open IE but might appear some time later. Very confusing, annoying and in my opinion the new layout is an entire pain in the proverbial.

  2. Refresh button gone missing.
    I have read 20 plus methods of finding &/or relocating the refresh button on IE9.
    Well in my latest version of IE9 with Win7964) OS there just is no refresh button.
    Most of the posts related are out dated.
    Another MS stroke of genius?
    BTW IE9 does not function well on my PC, I have e-installed but to no great benefit.

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