Printing Jira tickets

Since we moved to Jira in the cloud we’ve lost the SPARTEZ ‘Agile Scrum Cards Print‘ plugin. This has left us to hand write our scrum cards on post-it note or scraps of paper.

Being a front-end dev the aesthetics of my scrum board are important to me and scribbled post-it notes just won’t do. So using the Greasemonkey Firefox extension I written a small script to apply a print stylesheet to Jira tickets which strips out the unnecessary content and prints small neat cards.

The code is on Github – please use and/or improve it.






6 thoughts on “Printing Jira tickets

  1. Hi, John! This script is exactly what I was looking for, but actually, I can’t use it on Jira Cloud, do you know why? Thanks!

    1. Hi Daiana. Your comment made me think there might be a problem with Atlassian’s new version of Jira in the cloud (released this week), but it works fine for me so I’m not sure what the problem is, sorry.

  2. Hey other John,
    plugin works for me unfortunatelly it does only work for single tickets and not for a whole bunch.
    Not sure if i will use it yet i might search for another opportunity or maybe extend it myself to work with filter results.

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